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Bill Mowdy feels you pain. He has been in the same unenviable position as many affiliates find themselves, working countless hours for precious, little profit. As Bill can attest to, there is an oversaturation of affiliates vying to represent the same product. You not only have to appease the Google gods and rank a given web territory high but also appeal to Review.

visitors. This challenge (getting top Google ranking and mass appeal simultaneously) inspired Bill to create Affiliate Quick Strike and prompted me to write this Affiliate Quick Strike

Affiliate Quick Strike Review – How to Strike Quickly and Effectively

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A well-optimized site takes lots of time to develop and you’re never certain whether you’ll ever get to the promised land of Google Page 1 or even stay there if you do. Again, the competition can be overwhelming, especially as the economy continues to falter. Sadly, more folks than ever need a way to replace or bolster their income and are intrigued by online income opportunities.

Web site development is not only a tedious process, but other affiliate strategies can be time-consuming as well with little instant gratification and no long-term guarantee of success. In the midst of examining possible paths to take, Bill Mowdy decided that he could capitalize on product launches. By focusing on products that are just introduced to the marketplace, he realized the competition would be less and the prospect of a Google Page 1 ranking, brighter. In addition, he could quickly discern whether or not a given campaign was a success.

Think of it: Most product creators enjoy their best selling days right after the product is first available to the public, and several weeks after that time. If Bill could write reviews on these products, and leapfrog above other affiliates in ranking, potential customers would read his verbiage and possibly click his links to buy a product. He would then be rewarded with affiliate commission.

But even profiting from newly announced products (colloquial term, ‘launch jacking’) can be difficult. But know the competition is definitely less with launch jacking and there are so many products to feature. The sky’s the limit on what you can promote and the profit that you can accrue.

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Affiliate Quick Strike – Answering the ‘How’ Questions

New and struggling affiliates need guidance and direction. This is what Bill Mowdy provides in Affiliate Quick Strike. You’ll get a systematic, smart approach on how to be the best launch jacker you can be, and even more importantly, a better launch jacker than anyone else.

You want to know how to get started, receive insider information, choose a domain and set up a website. Affiliate Quick Strike covers all this information. But I must point out that you need not develop a multi-page authority site to grow and prosper, using this affiliate marketing strategy. In fact, as Bill Mowdy asserts, one page of content may be enough to accumulate affiliate funds.

In Affiliate Quick Strike, you’ll also learn that you need not even set up your own domain with hosting. Yes, you can use free Web 2.0 properties to get your message and affiliate links out there. Bill reviews which Web 2.0 properties are proven affiliate winners. Remember, these sites are often favored by Google and receive SEO link juice on their own. You’re basically riding on their coattails.

And speaking of messages, you really need to know how to share your views on a given product. In other words, your reviews must be informative, highlighting crucial aspects of a product, and engaging to read. (Can’t you tell that I’m trying to write compelling content in this review? :)) Believe me, in the affiliate launch jacking game, I’ve come across many subpar reviews, replete with grammatical and spelling errors where the author fails to even go over rudimentary components of the product. The Affiliate Quick Strike customer will avoid PSC (i.e., poor content syndrome). The power and the profit is in the pen.

But even more importantly than the message and getting that one-time affiliate commission is building a list. I know: You’re sick of hearing that the money is in the list. But it really is true and even I have left so much money on the table by not developing a list. At the present time, our site,, does not capture leads. We really want to develop a relationship with you and other visitors but somehow list-building seems so ominous and anxiety-provoking. Perhaps we’re not confident using an autoresponder or even sending out messages that you’ll want to read. But believe this is a common worry and mistake – one that we’re going to soon rectify.

Affiliate Quick Strike will show you how to create an aesthetically-pleasing, highly targeted squeeze page with opt-in code to capture your visitors’ names, or at least their email addresses. Once you have a list, even a small list, you can market to these folks again to create even more affiliate revenue. Perhaps you can even eventually create your own product to accelerate earnings. Regardless, you want to start embracing the idea of recurring commission, not just one-time commission.

Affiliate Quick Strike Review – Is Affiliate Quick Strike Worth the Money?

At the present time, Affiliate Quick Strike is less than $8. This represents a bargain for those who are looking for an easy-to-digest, simple-to-follow plan that has lots of potential in changing your affiliate fortunes.

You’ll learn all nuances of creating a triumphant launch jacking campaign. You’ll discover the following:

  • best sources to find out about soon-to-be-introduced products
  • how to spot winning products
  • how to choose an SEO and visitor-friendly domain
  • how to set up and structure a launch jacking website, pinpointing helpful plugins to use
  • how to provide quality information – outsourcing sources also highlighted
    how to make your launch jacking campaign irresistible (hint: bonuses)
  • how to create attention-deserving squeeze page
  • how to effectively list build …
  • and so much more

You’ll even get tools, templates, and software although I’m not a big fan of traffic-generating software.

Be that as it may, if you have not found affiliate paradise yet, this Affiliate Quick Strike is worth the purchase and review. If you opt to buy it, strike quickly because Affiliate Quick Strike is a dime sale, and the price will only increase in time.

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