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Launch Jacking Boss 2.0

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 bonus available

Those of you who may already be familiar with Michelle Steven’s Launch Jacking Boss course created late last year will be delighted with the her impending, comprehensive primer on the same topic, Launch Jacking Boss 2.0. Now she has teamed up with Huw Hughes and their collaborative effort is galvanizing a lot of interest.

In this comprehensive Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 review, I will share more information about this training, and try to provide some insight into launch jacking and its potential to show you the money.

Picking a launch jacking offer like a pro

(Here, Michelle and Huw provide insightful advice on how to search for launches on MunchEye.

Yes, unlike some other affiliates, I actually have the good fortune of owning a copy of Launch Jacking Boss 2.0.)

What is Launch Jacking and Why You Should Care?

You probably stumbled across this page because you’re desperately searching for another stream of revenue. Perhaps you’ve tried pay per click traffic, pay per view strategies, niche site building, domain flipping, CPA, and a host of other affiliate marketing ventures with only nominal success. Even if you are in that select minority who have made handsome profit in the affiliate marketing niche, you may be intrigued by the opportunities that launch jacking presents.

In essence, launch jacking refers to driving traffic to a select offer, preferably one that is about to be introduced to the general public, and capitalizing on said traffic. Now there are a variety of different ways to drive traffic (e.g., blogging about the new offer on an existing site, purchasing a separate domain and focusing attention on the product, creating a video, etc.), but you need to find the most effective traffic source and the best methods towards converting traffic.

This is the crux of Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 – instructing users on the ‘how’ of becoming a successful launch jacker, particularly with emphasis on video marketing. As the affiliate arena is a crowded one, you really need to get a leg up on competitors and this is where Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 comes in and shines. One can go from newbie to expert where you’re finally making bank on your affiliate-related work/videos.

Unlike many other slow-developing affiliate marketing techniques, like developing organic search engine optimization, product launch jacking need not take much time at all. After all, a video can be created relatively fast and then ushering visitors to your Internet property can be just as rapid. Resulting profit can accumulate very quicklyy, too.

You typically want to target the name of the product and/or it’s creator, and use additional keyword phrases, such as “review,” “reviews,” “bonus,” “discount,” and variations of those terms. While it’s true that many folks are gunning for the same terms, the competition for the name of the product will still be manageable because the product is new and the claim on the name, so to speak, is up for grabs. (In this review, for example, I’m hoping to draw traffic for the terms, Launch Jacking Boss 2.0, Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 Review, and Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 Bonus.)

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 Content

Some folks prefer courses that convey information via pdf while others prefer learning via a video-based format. Well, both types of info distribution will be used here.

Specifically, there is a 27 page pdf that systemically outlines the steps to follow for a successful launch jacking. You don’t want to leave anything to chance and by following the team of Michelle Stevens and Huh Hughes, you won’t get lost. You’ll find out about how to choose which product launches to go after, how to build backlinks, particularly for social relevance, and everything in between.

This is what separates Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 from so many other offers. Too many products take the customer by hand, help them navigate some difficult terrain, but still leave out so many crucial directions. Consequently, the customer remains lost and becomes immobilized, unable to move forward. After you finish the easy-to-read Launch Jacking Boss report, you’ll feel better moving ahead against the challenging affiliate landscape.

But just to make certain that the customer is clear about direction and path, the heralded team of Stevens-Hughes provides mind-mapping modules, organizing thought and subsequent actionable steps.

Then comes Simple WordPress Wizardry to ensure the customer understands how to effectively set up WordPress pages tout suite. You think that you may already know how to set up a wordpress site, but after reviewing Simple WordPress Wizardry, you’ll realize that you’re far from an expert. Here, some golden nuggets may be derived from this enlightening pdf and video compilation.

Are there any OTOs?

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 has two associated one time offers, highlighted as follows:

OTO #1: Live launch jacking case study – Here, the Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 customer will be privy to the ins and outs of setting up a launch jacking campaign, and within hours see immediate dividends

As an ancillary bonus to OTO #1, the customer will see a 3-nonth live case study within the Williams-Hughes Facebook group. (By joining their group, you’ll be able to interact with the case study creators and ask them relevant questions. You’ll also gain expertise from many of their prominent affiliate marketing friends who are also group members. It’s all who you know!)

OTO #2: Here is another launch jacking live case study, one where the campaign is set up in virtually no time flat. As far as I’m concerned, observing and analyzing case studies really shorten the learning curve of any given traffic method.

How Much will Launch Jacking Cost?

I have great news to share as the product is more than affordable. When it launches on August 8th at 11AM, the cost will be $5.95. But it’s best to order as soon as possible as this is a dime sale. Worse case scenario: The product cost will be capped at $9.95.

OTO #1 will be priced at $27. The information conveyed in the case studies should easily help you make that sum back tenfold.

OTO #2 can be yours for $12 – This is another invaluable case study one that may eventually help you become a launch jacking veteran, able to become your own boss.


Affiliate marketing is tough and success can be difficult to realize. It can literally take years to understand its diverse facets and be able to turn a profit, let alone amass sufficient funds to walk away from your day job. However, launch jacking may be one of the best ways to turn your affiliate marketing fortunes around.

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0 is not one of those bright shiny objects but an extremely enlightening training course that will provide you with a step-by-step actionable plan – one where it won’t take long to make those coveted sales.

Launch Jacking Boss 2.0

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