Affiliate Samurai Review and Bonus – Transform Into an Affiliate Warrior

Can David Peters, Creator of Affiliate Samurai, Lead Beleaguered Affiliates to Victory?

Affiliate Samurai bonus available

Affiliate Samurai Review

Are you battle-scarred, ready to give up the fight towards self-employment? Are your campaigns producing goose eggs? Have you become immobilized, uncertain what to do next?

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Those who are ready to waive the white flag of affiliate marketing surrender, listen up! David Peters has embraced a leadership role in helping you win the affiliate war. Samurai Peters is providing you with something more powerful than any physical weapon: he is giving you all the tools and strategies you need to change the course of your less-than-stellar affiliate history. (By the way, I’m included in the ‘have to do much better’ group as well.)

Affiliate Samurai – Quick Snapshot

  • Product Name: Affiliate Samurai
  • Creator: David Peters
  • Date of Launch: 8/17/14
  • Product Cost: $17 – Time sensitive
  • Bonuses Available: Plenty if you purchase it through this link

Affiliate Samurai Content

Be very quiet as you’re not supposed to know this: small niche websites work and can produce a nice chunk of change. Oh sure, we’ve read about all of Google’s animal friends (e.g., Penguin, Panda, etc.) and that, forgive the overused expression, ‘Content is king.” However, more content does not necessarily mean better content or even that it will automatically rank better.

A central theme of Affiliate Samurai is teaching how to build truly profitable sites that Google will love. There are nuances and tricks of the trade to make content ‘sticky.’ There is a certain way to organize and structure a site so that it is favored by Google.

Gone are the days where you can just purchase an exact match domain for your keyword phrase to get a site to rank. You need to become acquainted with the latest SEO techniques, such as proper internal linking, to propel your site to the first page of Google.

Peters will demonstrate how to build a small, yet SEO-optimized, influential site that will attract paying customers. But you may wonder, what niche or product to highlight on this mini-site. You won’t be kept in suspense as David Peters has this crucial topic covered as well.

A Closer Look at Affiliate Samurai

Alright, so it’s time to envision what your new site will be about? Happily, niche selection is a strength of Affiliate Samurai as Peters conveys how to pick a niche in expert fashion.

There are several important criteria to turn a keyword phrase into a pot of gold. It extends much more than looking at the amount of searches for a given term, the degree of competition, or whether it’s even a ‘buying term.’ I can’t give away too much but suffice to say that after reading the section on picking a niche in Affiliate Samurai, you’ll know what to target. And in the rare occurrence that you’re still indecisive, Samurai Peters is only an email away.

Alright, so we have our niche, and our site is beginning to take form and shape. Build it and they will come … but only if you’re privy to Peters’ secret sauce strategies on how to build traffic. Affiliate Samurai is different than many other similar products because Peters does not necessarily rely on rigorous back linking with the latest and greatest automated tools.

Indeed, Peters has discovered his own unique ways of getting people to his site. Although it’s a bold statement, one of Peters’ Affiliate Samurai catch phrases is “Skyrocket traffic 1000%.” You’ll definitely encounter some ‘I should have thought of that’ traffic building ideas. You may not be familiar with other traffic building methods presented in Affiliate Samurai, but regardless of your prior knowledge base on this topic, you will be able to easily understand and implement them.

We’re making progress with a well-structured site, catering to a hungry market in an overlooked niche, building traffic flow to the site, and you know what we need next: conversions! Peters is only 26 years old but he definitely possesses wisdom when it comes to sales psychology. He unabashedly lets his customers know how to get their customers to open up their wallets and almost force them to buy.

This is perfect for the newbie affiliate who really needs direction on how to appropriately turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes.’ Written words have power and Affiliate Samurai conveys how to sell like a pro. The days of getting shut out for your affiliate marketing efforts will soon become a distant memory.

There are two other interesting aspects of Affiliate Samurai that separate it from its product competitors. It not only reveals how to start building profitable websites but how to take your earnings to the next level. This section will uncover more than just leveraging social media.

In addition, Affiliate Samurai teaches how to capitalize on traffic that does not originate from Google. It’s important not to put all your eggs in the Google basket, and this course ensures that this won’t happen. The world wide Internet is vast so why not gain visitors from other avenues, aside from Google.

As an added bonus, Affiliate Samurai comes with its own set of bonuses. Here are the three bonuses that you’ll get for the purchase of Affiliate Samurai:

The Ultimate Free Traffic Methods Course – This course will open the traffic jam of free traffic where you can create an unlimited number of sales funnels.

Scarcity Plugin – On your mark, get set, go. This plugin will compel potential customers to buy because they’ll see that they only have a certain of time to get a given deal.

WP Blog to Book Plugin – A true super affiliate eventually has to create his/her own product. This plugin will miraculously take your blog content and transform it into an e-book. I’ve a niche site, for example, that is not making too many sales a month. However, I feel that the site has quality content, and perhaps it will be more lucrative if I simply create an e-book (it can even spin content, if necessary) and sell it online.

Affiliate Samurai Pros

My Affiliate Samurai review uncovered the following positives of the resource:

Perfectly suited to the needs of a new or struggling affiliate.

It’s all-encompassing and covers vital ways to succeed in affiliate marketing: niche selection, site construction, traffic building, conversion, and ramping up sales.

A variety of methods to attract paying customers are given, aside from the Google search engine.

A David Peters site will stick and not be victimized by Google. You’ll learn how to avoid Google penalties, too.

Results are fast; you need not wait months to see high rankings and/or profit.

This is an easy-to-understand resource where the steps can be copied with ease.

The Affiliate Samurai system works across all niches.

It’s extremely affordable with a prelaunch price of $17, a complete bargain particularly in light of the bonuses Samurai Peters and I offer.

The Downside of Affiliate Samurai

Any balanced Affiliate Samurai review should also list some of the product’s negatives:

I wish there was also discussion on building authority sites. However, I just plan on seeing how my small sites rank with Peters’ techniques, and expand them, if necessary.

The sales pages makes very bold statements but it appears that Peters can back up claims.


Who better to learn from than someone who has walked the walk? David Peters was not always successful but after countless hours of research and trial and error, he discovered a system that produces great financial dividends. It makes sense not to recreate the wheel but just follow the same path towards affiliate success.

Affiliate Samurai will be a ‘go to’ resource in your affiliate library.

Affiliate Samurai Bonus

Again, by purchasing Affiliate Samurai through our link, you will not only get David Peters above mentioned bonuses, but our generous bonus package.

I hope that this Affiliate Samurai review has been helpful.