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I happened to recently find out that successful affiliate marketer, Joshua Zamora, is ready to launch his new product, Link Indexr. As such, I thought this Link Indexr review could shed light on his backlink indexing tool, and underscore the general importance of indexing links.

I’m hoping that my research will enable you to be in a better position to determine whether Link Indexr is worth purchasing. If nothing else, it is my fervent wish that you not only consider building useful, SEO-friendly backlinks to your site, but ensure that you’re getting credit for them, so to speak.

The Waiting Game and RSS Pings of Outrageous Fortune

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When I have credit card in hand, weighing the pros and cons of a specific affiliate marketing tool, I always wonder about the alternatives – especially free alternatives. Now when it comes to link indexing, I use to think that Google would eventually find all the links and place them in their index. This was an erroneous assumption on my part.

Despite the belief that Google’s infrastructure was all-powerful and all-knowing, the search engine simply may not discern all links. Furthermore, even upon discovery, Google may simply choose to ignore them. Also, there is the possibility that any given link will be placed in their index, and then subsequently discarded. Yes, this has even happened to me, even when I thought the link was of high value. It simply did not have ‘staying power.’

In my evolution as an affiliate marketer, I then thought I would just rely on RSS pings. Google would then have to take notice of my links, wouldn’t they? After all, I’m handing Google these links on a silver platter, literally force feeding them to the almighty G.

But RSS pings / RSS feeds may be hard to digest for Google. There has been so much abuse using these techniques in the past that Google may not have an appetite for them. They don’t want to know about low-quality backlinks and have no desire to index them. Some affiliate marketers even assert that pinging backlinks excessively can impair the site’s credibility with Google.

But perhaps the manner of pinging is different among companies, software or other tools for that matter, so pinging results may vary among indexing endeavors.

Another Link Indexr Alternative – What About Backlinking Indexing Services?

There is no perfect banklink indexing system, including Joshua Zamora’s Link Indexr. (I’ll get to that later.) There are several prominent services which all seem to have mixed reviews.

For example, the following are just some of the companies that claim to provide the best indexing service: Linklicious, One Hour Indexing, Instant Link Indexer, and BacklinkingIndexer (not to be confused with Link Indexr) are just some of the companies that trumpet their proprietary methods of getting your links noticed and indexed by Google. (Of course, they also assert that the links will be indexed by Majestic and AHREFS, among other link evaluation sources.)

Now again, the idea is not just to get Google and other search engines to crawl links but to index them. Moreover, any company that proclaims to get a near 100% index rate is just not being honest. There are too many variables to ensure that all links will be found and placed in search results.

Again, I have not found the ideal solution where reviews have been overwhelming positive. Moreover, do greater indexed links automatically lead to better search engine ranking? It would seem logical that the links would have to have some degree of quality.

And if you’re going to go to the expense of crawling and indexing links, it’s best to avoid a monthly recurring fee. Many link indexing companies charge a monthly fee – not a one-time fee.

Link Indexr Review – What About Josh Zamora’s Product?

The same consideration above applies. Do you really want to index low-level links? It’s a question that I really can’t answer as I’m not an SEO expert. It’s just a concern.

But I agree with Joshua Zamora’s contention that simply building links without getting them indexed is an exercise in futility. I had no idea that, on average, Google will only index 25% of links at any given time. How can you expect your website to flourish in ranking if the vast majority of links are simply not counted?

So the idea is not necessarily to build more links but to capitalize on the ones you are building (preferably, higher-level links). How does Link Indexr help you to accomplish this goal?

In essence, it constructs links to your links from the following properties:

– Web 2.0 sites
– Wiki sites
– Blog sites
– Social bookmark sites

According to Joshua, these sites are all high-quality and will provide immediate dividends to your rankings as many of these links will be incorporated into Google.

The links will be submitted via sitemaps, RSS feeds, and pinged to over 300 servers, posted to a network of blogs. Again, I’m uncomfortable with pinging RSS feeds but perhaps higher-quality links will enjoy Google’s favor.

And speaking of looking good to Google, too many affiliates believe that a great number of backlinks will inevitably provide coveted SEO juice, even if they’re indexed. But many of these links are orphan links that have no other links pointing to them. Is Google supposed to be impressed with that scenario?

Link Indexr will build links to such orphan links, get the vast majority indexed, which should begin to woo Google.

Our Link Indexr review highlights Link Indexr - a tool that should increase indexed backlinks, traffic, and site ranking

What is the Downside of Link Indexr?

I wish that as part of my Link Indexr review, I could have noted a case study or two. However, Joshua did not include a specific case study with Link Indexr. However, based on his reputation and prior products, it’s not such a leap of faith that this tool will contribute to traffic and ranking elevation.

I’m still not certain about the value of general RSS pinging / RSS feeds. But again, I have to believe that Joshua has tested his Link Indexr methods himself before rolling out the product, confident that the Link Indexr tool will really help users to crush the competition.

Link Indexr Review – The Pros of this Link Indexing Tool

The system is virtually automatic. You sign up for a campaign, copy and paste your links, and you’re good to go.

You can build up to 1,000 links per day and there is an option to drip feed them. (You may not want to build that many links per day as results should be natural to Google and other search engines.)

As you can tell, the system is quick and easy to use. There will be virtually no learning curve with this link indexing tool.

This is a clean, cloud-based tool which does not require any software to download. You’re running campaigns on their server, and simply logging in to begin the process.

There is a comprehensive reports area. You can check the status on any given link.

There are a variety of building link methods used which should help the links look more natural.

Assuming that the links are of higher quality, your site’s traffic and search engine standing should increase.

At the present time of the Link Indexr launch, the cost of the tool is only $47. An eventual monthly fee of $27 will be charged.

Link Indexr – Final Word

There is a definite need in the marketplace for affordable and effective link crawling and indexing. But the name of the game is not just to index links but to improve site traffic and ranking.

The relatively affordable cost of Link Indexr (without a monthly fee at the present time) should galvanize the attention of affiliate marketers. As I’ve not run any specific tests on my own using Link Indexr, I cannot proclaim it to be a ‘can’t miss weapon’ in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

However, adding to your backlink total (perceived by Google and other search engines) should help your visibility and prominence on the net, and that is why I feel comfortable endorsing Joshua Zamora’s latest product. It’s simple to use and you’ll be able to see firsthand what links are getting indexed. You should not have to wait too long to see results.

As an added measure of reassurance, Link Indexr comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. John Zamora also includes a wealth of Link Indexr bonuses, such as Zamurai PBN Blueprint, Zamurai Web 2.0 Rolodex, and Private SEO Coaching (previous recorded call). If you purchase Link Indexr here, we will also provide you with an additional, generous bonus package.

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Our Link Indexr review concludes that Joshua Zamora's tool will increase your indexed backlinks