The Passive Print System Review: Newsletter Business Printing Money

Passive Print System Review
Course created by: Adam Nolan
Launch date: October 7, 2014
Price: Dime sale starting at $17

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The title, “The Passive Print System” intrigued me. I heard of its creator, Adam Nolan, from the Warrior Forum and knew his reputation was beyond reproach. The course testimonials seemed overwhelmingly favorable, too. When Adam mentioned his training was like having the ‘Golden Goose’ at one’s disposal, I knew that I had to dig in, investigate, and write this Passive Print System review.

Alright, so the title may not let you know what the product showcases. Here, you’ll figure it out from these clues. It has a low cost of entry. Specifically, all you really need is a hosting company, domain, and autoresponder. Once you set up this business, you can quickly scale it up, expand your reach, and accumulate an ever-growing profit.

There are limitless niches to target but it’s best to go with one where you have some degree of expertise or at least some passion. You can feature anything, fashion for the metrosexual to dating advice for the senior citizen. You’re delivering periodic, insightful content – preferably to a hungry, desperate audience.

Yes, you’re right, The Passive Print System is about setting up a newsletter business, or should I say, an e-newsletter business. While you can launch a monthly newsletter, print it, and mail it out to customers, it’s so much cheaper and more convenient to email it to your waiting customers.

The Passive Print System – Where to Begin?

Review the Passive Print System

The original course on setting up digital newsletters actually was offered quite some time ago. And while it received a thumbs up from the vast majority at the time, a few critics helped Adam to fine tune the product which now offers overwhelming value.

The premise of the course is to consistently deliver helpful, compelling content to readers on a monthly basis, for example. The information is useful to the audience who gladly pay a rather nominal sum for the e-newsletter. You can determine pricing but perhaps it’s best to charge $5-$7 per issue. Although that fee is rather low, remember it’s recurring, and your retention rate should be high because it’s a very affordable expense. Moreover, in time, you’re hopefully attracting a larger pool of customers.

Here’s one stumbling block for many folks: How can I find a newsletter topic that invites passion or solves a problem where people will spend money to solve? In Passive Print System 2.0, Adam provides a systematic formula to apply in order to come up with a winning newsletter theme.

Here’s another concern: lack of confidence or proficiency in performing research and/or writing. Passive Print System has you covered. It details how to collect and assemble information, and chunk content. Chunking is splitting content into short elements. The material is then better scannable, particularly beneficial for web audiences.

And for those who really are not wordsmiths, Adam includes discussion on outsourcing. After reviewing this segment, you’ll be in position to easily delegate research and writing should you so choose.

You may feel comfortable (or not) creating the sales page and opt-in forms. Remember, while you’re in the newsletter business, you’re always in the marketing business. In the Passive Print System, Adam shows you how to create eye-catching effective sales letters and autoresponder forms. But once again, if you’re reluctant to write, you can outsource these tasks and now know what quality marketing materials should look like.

Passive Print System Review – Building a Successful Newsletter

The Passive Print System could have been alternatively called, “How to Build a Successful Newsletter Business.” As mentioned above, Adam Nolan provides those systematic, actionable steps, necessary for newsletter traction and growth.

You’ll know what niche to select, how to organize and compile the information, how to construct sales pages and opt-in forms, and how to outsource everything, if necessary.

You’re really building a brand. The newsletter must look pleasing and professional, and not be overly saturated with ads, especially at the beginning. You’re focused on providing excellent value, where the material is not too broad in scope.

Be original and creative, and yet you don’t have to recreate the wheel. You can offer a ‘top 10 list,’ a ‘tip of the month,” a “seven ways to …,” and similar short, condensed, highly-engaging articles. Adam details a myriad of strategies on developing an engaging newsletter that is sure to meet with customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and retention.

You also need to attract advertisers, and after reviewing Passive Print System, I see that Adam tackles this challenging area. You’re setting up a direct ad sales system. If potential sponsors don’t come to you, Adam provides the secret sauce to attract them, preferably paid ones.

Within this workbook and video product, I especially was appreciative of the section involving tracking and analytics. These are areas that are weak for me and for many of my fellow affiliate marketers. Keeping tabs on all potential traffic sources will enable you to concentrate your efforts on the marketing strategies that are working, and eliminate time and expense on those that are not profitable.

Passive Print System Review – Overall impression

Hey, this Passive Print system can work although, in my estimation, it really isn’t passive, unless you’re outsourcing most of the tasks. It takes me a lot of time to research and write, and it may be time-consuming for you as well.

But your first newsletter does not have to be so labor-intensive. Many of these digital newsletters are rather brief, and perhaps several pages should do the trick. A college term paper would entail more time and effort.

And again, it’s not something you’re going to do everyday. There are many successful newsletters that are only sent out once per month.

Adam Nolan does an excellent job in providing a template of how a newsletter should be created and disseminated. He even provides an example or two of successful newsletters where one can reverse engineer.

In fact, it’s a good idea to truly examine any successful e-newsletter or printed newsletter. This morning, I was really putting a microscope on ‘the Bottom Line” newsletter as it has been so successful, in circulation for years. I’m going to try to emulate this formula with my first newsletter effort.

And thanks to Adam Nolan, I know what topic to target. In the Passive Print system, he takes folks like me by the hand, and serves as a guide along the path towards digital newsletter moguldum.

Passive Profit System Review Tip: Purchase this product as soon as possible – preferably from our link. (You’ll get a very generous bonus.) It’s on a dime sale, starting at $17.

Other Helpful Resources to Accelerate Your Passive Print System Earnings

Instant Profit Formula

Adam Nolan’s knowledgeable partner, Roxie, developed this course. You’ll soon be able to brand yourself as an expert in your market. But you don’t necessarily need to create products yourself to establish your market presence.

You’ll be walked through a step-by-step process on how to create an information product using fantastic content that you can purchase. You’ll know which products to invest in (i.e., those that will sell.) You’ll become familiar with PLR that is actually useful. You’ll find out a variety of sources where you can get products on the cheap that will convert.

You can tie these products into the Passive Print system, or alternatively launch an information product business.

Instant Profit Formula is now selling for $27.

The Affiliate Funnel

The Affiliate Funnel is a great complement to Passive Print System. This resource reveals how to sell more items to your customers – particularly high-priced items. These products again need not be created by you. Affiliate networks offer many products to highlight, and you’ll soon become acquainted with which networks and offerings merit your attention.

You’ll also learn how to become a more effective and profitable affiliate, gaining email expertise, for example. You’ll also be shown how to develop and capitalize on sales funnels.

The Affiliate Funnel is now selling for $27

Facebook Ads Basics

Facebook Ads Basics is sold in conjunction with the Passive Print System, too. Here, you’ll soon develop a vast knowledge base on how to effectively capture leads using Facebook. There are many tips and tricks included here, and you’ll soon be able to discover, for instance, how to get dirt cheap clicks without jeopardizing your Facebook account.

You’ll be able to see what types of ads work, focusing attention on copywriting. You’ll be able to parlay this Facebook traffic to eventual email contact with prospective customers where sales can really accelerate.

At present, Facebook Ads Basics is retailing about $38. Although a little pricey, the amount of information covered is extensive.

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter

If you looking to build massive traffic to your newsletter empire, the Marketing Hacks Newsletter is well worth the expense. It contains brilliant strategies to jumpstart traffic and start getting those profitable clicks.

You can see its value firsthand because one edition is provided free of charge to Passive Print System customers.

You’ll be privy to how to quickly expand subscription rates. You’ll also know to fatten your wallet with sales by syphoning Youtube traffic, how to get folks to want to open up and respond to your email messages, and how to scale up your offers/profits.

There is a wealth of information generously provided. You’ll have many ‘Aha moments’ and you can use this burgeoning knowledge by ramping up your Passive Profit system.

There is an $11 per month recurring charge for The Marketing Hacks Newsletter.

Hopefully, you found this Passive Print System review complete. In addition, you now know accompanying resources that can help your newsletter not only get off the ground, but reach the ‘Sky’s the limit” status.

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