Shock Spots Review – More Than a Lite Advertising System

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This Shock Spots Review centers around a mystical plugin that just may bring in shocking results for you – both in terms of clicks and conversions. In fact, the creators of this plugin, Mark Bishop, Radu Hahaianu, and Ankur Shukla, promise eye-opening results. They estimate that web masters may see as high as a 500% increase in conversions and revenue using this code with no extra effort. The purpose of this review is to examine Shock Spots Lite and see if it lives up to its hype.

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What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is all the rage in the marketing field where ads exert a great sphere of influence by simply blending into the content. Well, it does not always have to blend into the information presented but serve as a logical extension of it.

Ads simply match the ‘form and function’ of the platform they appear on … so much so, that readers many not equate them as distractive, to-be-avoided advertisements.

Consider, for example, the native advertorial ads. They’re often presented as professional and newsworthy information which galvanizes the reader’s interest. The reader may become so fixated on the material (think of those CPA garcinia cambogia ads where Dr. Oz provides effusive praise on the supplement) that his/her natural cynicism goes by the wayside.

Remember, people don’t like to be sold to and resist pressure sales. However, they are not reluctant to purchase a given item if they feel there is value and benefit to it, and when they feel the referrer or vendor has offered insight.

And when an advertisement does not look like … well, a blatant advertisement, there is a much higher likelihood that the ad will be read and followed. Moreover, there is a greater probability that there will be a higher consumer trust with the brand.

This is the purpose of Shock Spots Lite: to serve as an effective vehicle of native advertising, encouraging folks to pursue a desired course of action.

One last point, banner ads are NOT an example of native advertising. Banner ads are tantamount to website intruders, often devoid of originality and creativity, and all too often get ignored because they’re almost too pervasive.

I, too, have made the mistake on relying on banner ads, but going forward I plan on peppering my website with Shock Spots. (Yes, I was fortunate to be a Shock Spots beta tester and can speak of its effectiveness from first hand experience.)

Shock Spots Lite – How Does This Plugin Produce a Native Ad?

Have you ever seen an infographic? It’s a clever juxtaposition of an image and a graphic. This is exactly what is produced with the use of Shock Spots Lite.

It virtually requires no work – well, very little work – on your part. After plugin installation, a simple maneuver, you’re simply going to upload an image, some text, place the one line of code anywhere on your post and page, and voila, you’re done.

Each Shock Spot is not that obtrusive but difficult to ignore. The standard image size is 143 x 113 pixels. The text that appears next to it adds only about 100 more pixls to the width. The text height is the same as the height of the image, save for additional space that covers the ‘Read More’ area.

You can actually create two Shock spots. In other words, there will be a picture – text, and another picture – text right next to it. Product creator, Mark Bishop, told me that upon testing, he found that, at the risk of sounding cliché, 2 Shock spots (perhaps they can be referred to as ‘hot spots’) are better than one. The pair produced a higher conversion rate than one but you should do your own testing to see what works for your website.

This small infographic equivalent looks different, even unusual, which gets the visitors’ attention, prompting them towards meaningful action.

Shock Spots Review – Shocking (in a Good Way) Images and Text

You need to capture your visitors’ attention. Shock Spots can perform that feat on its own but you really have to do your part as well.

Towards that end, you have to choose a captivating picture and write text that serves to intrigue. You have up to 80 characters to use, by the way.

Please don’t think that you have to be a professional copywriter to accomplish these tasks. Old-fashioned ingenuity coupled with a fresh perspective (i.e., getting into the minds of your prospective customers) will work.

But each Shock Spot does not have to be a masterpiece. You should not ruminate for hours deciding on your images and text. Make a decision and implement at least one per post or page. (Too many Shock Spots and you run the risk of distracting your audience.) You can always test results and easily change the image and/or text to see if the outcome improves.

You can even split test the location of the Shock Spots. Mark Bishop believes that it’s probably best to place one in the top one-third of your content. Again, you’re looking to acquire the click and placing one there may receive immediate attention and subsequent call to action.

Who Needs Shock Spots?

The potential demographic audience for this plugin is enormous. The follow foks will benefit from its use:

  • Those who want to make their post or page more visually appealing
  • Those who cannot afford affiliate marketing support (i.e., learning how to increase conversions)
  • Those who are not getting their ads clicked
  • Those who want to revive their content and/or videos that have been prior revenue duds
  • Those who wish to maximize profit by increasing clicks and conversions by as much as 500%
  • Those who understand that the type of ads will have a great effect on their bottom line
  • Those who want to emulate marketing powerhouses, like Yahoo, and take advantage of a profit-pulling native ad methodology

Shock Spots Lite Review – Final Determination

Mark Bishop and team have created another winner. This plugin is simple to upload and even easier and more convenient to use.

Training is very easy to follow, and even if you feel that you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be able to use this plugin. And if you encounter any problems, Mark Bishop always provides timely and thoughtful support.

The cost of the product at the present time is only $14 – an affordable expense that should produce an impressive return on investment.

You can create a Shock Spot in less than 5 minutes and start getting those clicks and conversions you so richly deserve.

Shock Spots are part of a sales funnel that includes 3 other products. The OTOs will help you optimize sales. For example, you’ll become more adept at writing compelling text and choosing images that will get more than a second look.

While I recommend these OTOs as well, they’re not completely indispensable when using Shock Spots. Take advantage of low cost Shock Spots Lite, and you will be shocked at the positive revenue results that will materialize.

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