A Path to the Stars – Follow Your Intuition and Higher Consciousness to Make Your Dreams Become Reality

Business person decides between same way or change and choose new path direction

When we follow our intuition, we are on the right path. Our intuition is us at the higher realms. In this realm, we live our past, present and future simultaneously. We are able to make any changes easily. It is almost like erasing a mistake on a piece of paper. If we want the outcome to be different, we simply go on another route. It is similar to creating our own movie. We are able to write any ending we want for a movie. We write down all the endings and choose the one that is exhilarating to us. For instance, if we are searching for our twin flame or the love of our lives, we write a script of who that person is, fun adventures we encounter together, how the two of us use our combined talents to help others, our social group of friends, the type of house we live in and virtually anything that comes to our minds.

Confronting a fork in the road? Go with intuitive decision-making

Our higher self will guide us and we will know automatically that our script is coming into fruition. When we doubt our intuition and call it a coincidence, we are incorrect in that assumption. There are no coincidences. We all make choices. When we are “going with the flow,” the choices are easy and everything falls into place. However, when we want to control the situation, enormous amounts of stress arise. For instance, I want to share the curriculum I designed with a school that embraces it. I was convinced I would be hired as a Director of an international early childhood learning center and the owner would love the curriculum. However, I am not able to even get an interview with any preschool and I have sent out 100’s of resumes. Instead, I am working with the elderly population and that job literally fell into my lap.

This job has been a blessing. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this job and I was pleasantly surprised. I have met so many incredible people who have a vast amount of wisdom and creativity. They have also taught me to have patience and meet people at whatever level they are at. I encourage them and foster their passions and abilities.

I realize this neglected group of society are capable of tremendous feats. I needed to see and experience this for myself. Now, I understand why I was guided to this wonderful sect and prevented from being employed at a corporation. I plan to have a self sustaining community composed of a healing center, school for youth, school for seniors and rehab school. All these students will work together and support each other. Age is just a number and our elderly population needs to realize this fact and feel wanted at the same time.

Since our higher consciousness is aware of everything, it tells us the best path and expects us to listen. If we don’t listen, we develop worries and fears. If we happen to divert off the path, our higher consciousness will send out detour signs so we can get right back on the highway. We can consider our higher consciousness our own personal God who is at our beck and call 24/7. What could be better than that? Absolutely nothing!

When people encounter obstacles, they are definitely not listening to their intuition. It is imperative people listen from their heart. Ask yourself for a signal that determines a yes or no. For me, a vision of a vortex meant yes and no vision meant no when I asked myself a question. This symbol enabled me to trust myself to make good decisions. This sign to myself that was invisible to others taught me how to listen to my higher self. This is the part of me existing at a higher realm that has only peace, love, compassion, unity and harmony in her thoughts. In other words, this part of me had no worries, fears, jealousy, lust, greed, anger or any negative beliefs. By listening to her, I was able to release all these limiting beliefs at a 3rd dimensional level as well.

There are no right or wrong paths. Every path in our lives teaches crucial lessons. Every path leads to divinity and a pure soul. Some paths take a lot longer to get there and that is the only difference. So, the choice is yours. If we want to travel from the east coast to the west coast, we have choices. We could drive a bicycle, motorcycle or car. We can take public transportation such as a bus or train. We could fly by airplane or jet. We could teleport or fly like the birds. I choose the last choice. While I haven’t learned how to teleport or fly yet, I know it is in the realm of possibilities and I plan to follow my intuition to find out how. I continue to learn and learn and learn some more. To me, education is one of the greatest gifts. It expands our minds and awakens them to the miracles of the Universe.

Life is full of spontaneity and adventures. The Universe is full of surprises and I relish in surprises. When we listen to our higher selves, we experience the ultimate happiness. Just when we think it can’t get any better, we find out it truly can. Our path removes us from a 4×4 box and gives us free reign to explore the infinite. Listen to your intuition and go where you have always dreamed but never thought was real. All of your dreams are reality, especially when you know the secrets of deliberate creation!

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