The 5 Pillars of Peace – Definition by Acronym

Group of hands and dove of peace. Retro illustration, EPS10

What is peace? I think of PEACE as an acronym with each word having a powerful meaning. P is for prosperity. E stands for equality. A represents acceptance. C signifies compassion. E is for education.

Here is a symbol of peace but know what constitutes peace

P is for prosperity. We must have all our necessities otherwise we are starving and susceptible to life threatening diseases due to a weakened immune system. There are homeless people all over the world. Even affluent areas have their share of homeless people. The homeless are considered the dregs of society. They are judged as being lazy people and “bums.” The truth is many of these people were professionals at one point in their lives. Many became unemployed due to no fault of their own and became so depressed. Their relatives and friends disowned them and they literally had no place to go.

There are many places of worship who attempt to help these unwanted people. Usually families and women are given priority so single homeless men have to survive on their own. Moreover, there are not enough places of worship to accommodate the mass amount of homeless people.

These people are forced to get meals from garbage cans, beg in the streets and deal with harsh weather conditions. In addition, their lives are constantly in danger. These people are frequently victims of murders, rapes and physical abuse. Pimps are searching for the homeless because they know these people will do anything to have food or a roof over their heads especially when they are introduced to mind altering drugs. Humanity feels these people deserve this way of living. There is little sympathy and empathy for this segregated group.

Anybody could easily become homeless. It happened to me, but not to this degree. Initially, there were friends who helped me. Then, there was a period of one month when I felt what it was like to starve. It was an awful feeling. I would eat one Domino pizza over a period of 5 days. I would eat half of a six inch sub over two days. I had a box of matzo last for two weeks and that was all I ate for two weeks. I knew I could fast and still survive. However, I feel eating is one of the joys of being human. I didn’t feel human that month. I got a job and quit after two weeks because their philosophy was so contrary to mine. I would never be able to restrain a child and bondage was required for employment at this rehabilitation center. I had no idea where I was going to get food. To me, it didn’t matter. I would never go against the principals and virtues I stood behind. A couple of weeks later a friend moved in and I had an abundance of food from that point on.

I have undying trust to the divine and knew my needs would be taken care of. There was no doubt. God helped me through a beautiful soul. At the same time, my house and sanctuary gave my friend a roof over her head because she had nowhere to go. It was the Financial Aid from her school that enabled us to have food as well as heat that freezing winter.

Every person on this planet is entitled to the necessities of life. This includes a home, food, water, heat, clothes, electricity and more. People with money feel superior. This is a misnomer. Prosperity for all is the first meaning of the word PEACE.

E is for equality. The first amendment to the Constitution states all are created equal. This means every being on this planet is no better or worse than any other being. Occupation is a status symbol and society believes doctors are worth more than a janitor. That thought is erroneous. When we conduct our job with love and utilize our passions and talents, we are happy. How many people in our world could honestly say they are happy? Every person is an integral member of society. I would rather hang out with a janitor who loves keeping the environment clean than a doctor who went into the field solely to earn the big bucks. Healers, artists, architects, musicians and all occupations add to the greatness, spontaneity and uniqueness of society. In other words, every being on this planet is equal including the animals, plants, insects, inanimate objects, mountains, lakes and every single form of energy. Therefore, we must treat everything with love, respect, gratitude and devotion. We are all made of energy so we are all a part of each other. Equality is the second part of PEACE.

A is for acceptance. Acceptance is a crucial word. All of God’s children are accepted for their uniqueness. If we were all the same, this would be a very boring world. As mentioned in previous articles, we all have female and male energy inside of us regardless of gender. As a result, gender differentiation does not exist in the higher dimensions. People have misinterpreted the teachings of our great Saints from all religions. God does not judge, condemn or criticize. As a result, he doesn’t care what religion you practice, how you dress or who you choose as your partner. God wants all his children to be happy and have love and kindness in their hearts. Gays, lesbians, transgenders or any other groups who have been excommunicated from society are all accepted and loved by God and all of our Galactic family. Remember how the African Americans were treated as slaves. Remember how the Jewish people were exterminated by the Nazis. Remember the genocide that continues in the present all because of feelings of superiority. Prejudice is a lethal disease. Those who are prejudice were most likely hung for the color of their skin or gassed in a chamber because they were born into a particular religion in a past life. There were so many scenarios throughout history of bigotry and intolerance. Jesus was crucified for being the “King of the Jews.” How absurd is that?

We must accept all regardless of color, culture, gender, religion, geography, social status, sexual orientation or any other trait that creates discrimination among the masses. We must look into each others eyes and see the divine soul that exists within all. Once we see the divinity, it will confirm that we are all a part of God. When we persecute others, we are executing a part of ourselves simultaneously. Acceptance for all is the third part of PEACE.

C is for compassion. I spoke about compassion in depth in a past article so I kindly ask you to read that article. To reiterate, we must treat others the way we want them to treat us. Bullying, gossip and lackadaisical attitudes about people suffering are dangerous character traits. We need to be kind, welcoming and loving. We must help those in need. The internal rewards are phenomenal once this is achieved. Compassion is the fourth part of PEACE.

E is for education. People are taught how to behave through parents, schools and society in general. We must convey the word PEACE through our actions.

War is unacceptable. Innocent men, women, boys and girls are being murdered simply for believing a certain way or living in a geographical area. War was developed by the corrupt to gain control and money. Some wars were created to steal natural resources. Groups are framed as being terrorists. In reality, they are many times innocent victims of a much bigger terrorism within our own countries.

Nuclear weapons destroy! War is the antithesis of the divine teachings. All nuclear weapons have been disarmed so there is no longer a threat of a nuclear war. The corrupt want you to believe otherwise. The truth is our Galactic family has intervened and we owe deep gratitude to our brothers and sisters in the higher realms who are also a part of us.

A new educational paradigm is coming to our planet. It is for the adults as well as the children. The teachings of our great Saints has been misinterpreted. Our history has been falsely conveyed to keep us prisoners in fear and greed. The true history of our planet will soon be revealed. Education is crucial to comprehending on a human logical level how the corrupt has kept us in bondage for millennium. Our first reaction will be rage and revenge. However, we will realize that is exactly the same methods the corrupt have employed throughout history. These tactics are repugnant. Instead, we will all change history and bring our planet back to its Utopian society through love and forgiveness. Education is the fifth part of PEACE.

Prosperity, Equality, Acceptance, Compassion and Education are five key words. When practiced, PEACE will restore our world back to health offering freedom and liberty for all!

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