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Make Him Desire You Review
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In truth, I was initially reluctant to perform this Make Him Desire You review. Why? Simply because the topic is more outer-directed than inner-directed. The title, Make Him Desire You, first conjured up thoughts of dependency, an unproductive obsession over what someone else thinks, and a dash of a little desperation.

As women, can’t we just be ourselves, confident in our positive attributes, maintain a joy of life, embrace and manifest loving emotions like sensitivity and compassion, and perhaps just look our best? Shouldn’t this be enough for any man? Upon reflection, I realized that I’m looking at this through the prism of an older, experienced woman. But when I was younger, I did go through many dark days under the sun, where I thought that my ‘best me’ was not good enough for anyone, let alone men I was attracted to.

Therefore, this review of Make Him Desire You, a book by Alex Carter, is offered to other women so that my fellow sisters can achieve true happiness in the social sphere. It doesn’t matter right now if you’re battling a negative self-image, feel unlovable and unworthy, believe that your chosen one is out of your league, or feel hopeless that he is just not connecting with you in all the right ways. This can change.

Alex Carter is determined to provide the techniques and strategies you need to become an infatuation magnet, and this includes the most important concept: loving yourself.

Make Him Desire You Review – The Premise of the E-book

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So the idea is to get a man to be fascinated with you, eager to be in your presence. You want him to be longing for your touch and attention, to show passion and yearning for your very being. Of course, perfect storybook romances don’t really exist in real life. But the idea of forging a close knit bond, becoming a soul mate and kindred spirit with a man, can happen.

Alex Carter believes that one fundamental principle for women to follow is to connect with the impulsive part of a man’s brain. This is in contrast to his logical brain. Let’s take a quick example.

As you’re a giving, generous soul, you spontaneously decide to clean up his apartment. Now, logically, he will, or at least should, be very appreciative. But this is not going to leave him spellbound, his heart pounding in his chest over the thought of you. Again, he is grateful for your help, but the act by itself, will leave him appreciative, but not necessarily affectionately desirous of you.

On the other hand, complimenting his appearance, telling him he looks hot, can arouse his impulsivity and who knows … sexual avarice in time. You’re making him feel attractive, and even confident, perhaps confident enough to pursue you. Now, of course, a single compliment or consistently spontaneous compliments may not exert the impact you wish. But it’s just a piece of a man’s emotional puzzle you have to complete.

In Make Him Desire You, author Alex Carter, also preaches not to gloss over your desirable mate’s emotional needs. Flattery and compliments serve that purpose. However, there are other lures that you should be using to jumpstart his passion for you, including the following:

  • He needs to feel appreciated and respected. This was a major premise in the resource, What Men Secretly Want, reviewed on this site as well. Respect is male catnip. It makes guys feel in control and in charge, capable of doing great things. They’re reassured that there in high standing with you, and who wouldn’t want to be with someone who looks upon them with a little awe and admiration.

    Yes, there may be some attributes you would like to change. But now is not the time to focus attention on such attributes. (There may never be a good time for that.) But by expressing your appreciation and respect for what he does (and it should be more than what he does for a living), and who he is (i.e., his qualities), you’re cementing your relationship with him.

  • He needs to feel a bond of trust with you. You’re not looking for the next best thing. He is it. You’re caring, attentive, and trustworthy – someone who can keep his secrets. Confidentiality means a lot. Resist the temptation, for instance, to reveal his private admissions to your girlfriends.
    You’re also not second-guessing him, and truly supporting his endeavors. This does not mean that you can’t share your point of view. It simply suggests that once he has emphatically made up his mind about a given endeavor, you assume a supportive role.
  • Allow him some freedom and independence. If you really want to make him desire you, try not to be so emotionally-needy and clingy. We all have an innate desire and need for autonomy, and it’s easy to resent others who try to control us or force us to engage in actions we really don’t want to pursue.
    Clipping a man’s wings at the start of a relationship is especially treacherous. You want him to feel free and self-determining. After his solo adventures, you want him to willingly fly back to you. This does not necessarily happen overnight. But by giving him his space in the short run, you’re limiting the distance between each other in the long run. So when he wants to go out with the guys, do not perceive this as rejection. If you follow Alex Carter’s advice in Make Him Desire You, he will soon look forward to being with you.

  • This separation may prove advantageous to you in another way. You can make yourself a valuable asset in his estimation. You’re not someone who is waiting by the phone, devoid of choices. You lead a full, active, and productive life, and other folks desire your company as well.
    I’m not suggesting you play ‘hard to get.’ It’s just that there will be times when your schedule may not afford you the luxury of the company of your intended suitor.
    Alex Carter would encourage you to think of yourself like a diamond. Now what makes a diamond valuable? Is it because it’s unique, expensive, or looks beautiful? No, its value lies in the fact that it’s not easy to acquire. You need not be ‘easy pickings’ either. A man’s instinct to hunt and conquer may be marshaled here, and you’re now on the receiving end of the chase.

Make Him Desire You – Content

This all-encompassing, 174-page, 14 section e-book is designed to connect with a man in all plains of influence. You’ll soon be connecting with him physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He will move the proverbial heaven on earth to be with you once you master Alex Carter’s tips and tricks.

Here are the various sections:

Emotions are Everything – You don’t have to read the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, to understand the emotional differences between men and women. You can read about the emotional landscape gender differences here.

Emotional Attraction Scale – No one likes to be judged or evaluated but we’re all fair game in the dating game. Find out about the importance of attraction (it doesn’t have to be just physical) and how men calibrate their attraction scale when it comes to women. You’ll also learn how to elevate your level of perceived attraction.

Investment Mechanism – Both parties have to be invested in a growing relationship. An investment discrepancy will sabotage a union. In Make Him Desire You, Alex writes eloquently about the necessity to be on equal footing with your partner.

The Value Concept – This Make Him Desire You review wants to underscore the importance of this section. The most crucial part of elevating your value in his eyes is to realize your own worth and value. In addition, as mentioned above, your perceived value can increase when your accessibility is not guaranteed. You also have to set boundaries when necessary. Again, you’re giving up the childish notion of playing hard/impossible to get. You’re just ensuring that he respects you as you demonstrate respect for him.

The Formula Revealed – There’s a line between assuming an aloof, distant posture and one where you’re attainable … but with effort. Men, according to Alex Carter, are hard-wired to peruse options and hunt. The course of action you need to take is to let men think that they’re chasing and hunting you. It ultimately gives them a satisfying taste of victory.

How to Hit the Sweet Spots of Desire – We’re getting the nitty gritty of How to Make Him Desire You. You don’t want to be on either extremes, showing too little interest or too much interest. The former encourages your male target to think you’re not interested in him (a turn-off) and the latter fosters the idea that you’re desperate and needy. Maintain a balance, and avoid these polar opposites. Yes, this sounds like a different type of game, but perhaps it’s all for the greater good: Getting Cupid to shoot an arrow in his heart.

How to Read His Mind – Your communication and interpersonal skills are enhanced in this chapter of Make Him Desire You. You’re getting a roadmap to your man’s mind where you can better direct (perhaps even on a subconscious level) his actions. You’re becoming an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication, getting to know more about what makes him tick while you’re reading between his lines.

Men Have a Small Emotion Tank – According to Alex, it’s difficult for grown men to process too many emotions or too profound emotions. Thus, he recommends providing space to your loved one, especially when situations get complex or heated. You want to avoid overtaxing his emotional brain as overburdening a limited emotional tank can make him shut down.

How Communication Works for a Man – Talk his language. Understand his mode of communication. Speaking different languages with your significant other will not bridge closeness between you. Learn male verbiage and lingo, and gain knowledge on how to talk to him so that he’ll respond favorably.

How to Make Him Do Anything – This is not to suggest that your man is your personal puppet. However, this How to Make Him Desire You segment gives some valuable dating tricks of the trade. After review, you’ll be able to carve out a much bigger sphere of clout and influence with him.

Capture His Heart by Revealing Your Imperfections – You don’t have to be perfect. Think of John Legend’s hit song, ‘All of Me” where he loves her “perfect imperfections.” You can be forthcoming with problems and issues that you’re facing but use Alex’s 7-step guide in revealing any inner demons.

What Do I Get if I Give You a Ring – Commitment and security. They go together like love and marriage. This How to Make Him Desire You section provides much insight into healthy, committed, and secure relationships.

What to Do if He Leaves You for Someone Else – Rejection is part of life but much learning can be derived from a failed relationship. Alex Carter expounds on this principle. Any breakup need not destroy your life and lead to permanent emotional ramifications. Alex offers a 3-step healing process, and provides guidance and direction for even getting your ex back, if you’re so inclined.

Closing – Alex summarizes the principles and strategies highlighted in How to Make Him Desire You. He encourages the reader to apply his methods, confident that romance will ensue if they’re faithfully applied.

Make Him Desire You Review – Final Word

It appears that Alex Carter’s book has received almost universal acclaim. The vast majority of Make Him Desire You reviews, including this one, are favorable.

While I believe that many of Alex’s strategies can get you the obsessive love and attention you crave, there are a couple of his ideas that I reject. For example, I tend to dismiss the notion that men just have an innate small emotional tank. So much depends on the individual. There are many men who are in touch with their own emotions and welcome the opportunity to talk about feelings and express them. Hopefully, the person you’re interested in being with has a high emotional quotient, and manifests this emotional intelligence in their daily lives.

But all in all, I’m aligned with most of Alex Carter’s assertions and truly believe that this resource can foster a man’s passion, ardor, and yearning for you. This, of course, is predicated on you accepting, respecting, and loving yourself first.

Make Him Desire You is priced affordably at $47 and includes a pdf and audio version. As an added bonus, you’ll receive the following 3 guides: The Secrets of Male Desire No Man Will Ever Share With You Report, The Advanced Fascination Report, and The Role Reversal Report. We will provide an addition bonus package if you purchase this product through our link. Your order is also risk-free as Make Him Desire You comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You’re close to getting him wrapped around your finger. When you read, review, and implement the strategies outlined in this resource, you will inspire his lust and love for you. You will become seductive and alluring. Make Him Desire You will serve as the siren song that finally lures your man.

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