Faith – Finding the Divinity of God Within Yourself and Beyond Yourself

The old adage “seeing is believing” is ingrained in our heads. People are convinced they must have facts and then they will believe. I was one of those people. I needed irrefutable evidence based on scientific research to determine a statement’s credibility. So, how is it possible I believe things now that are not scientifically proven? The answer is I experienced miraculous occurrences in my own being that was beyond logic, yet real.

Dispel fear by embracing faith and trust

I witnessed a chick’s leg healed at a distance. I saw the inside of my brain. I felt and physically saw welts on my feet after a meditation where I envisioned myself burning at the stake. I witnessed earning a profit off a business that owed $30,000 in debt. I was dumbfounded when a person I knew extremely well who was an atheist told me he met his guardian angel. I could go on and on with all the miracles that happened to me. It all comes back to the word faith.

I was never religious yet I believed in God. I saw God as a Genie in the sky giving out wishes. At the same time, I often questioned if God really existed. I had a challenging youth with many traumas. It never made any sense to me why God would allow people to suffer. I would characterize most of my life as doubting that God really existed even though I wanted to believe he did. In this world, I needed something to grasp onto and know there was a higher force.

I saw religion as an institution that expected money to worship God. In my early years, my parents refused to go to synagogue because they always wanted donations. Once my brother had his Bar Mitzvah, there was no more synagogue. My parents didn’t believe in girls having a Bas Mitzvah. This celebration of adulthood was solely for boys.

I went to church with friends during my adolescent years. However, I was never allowed to go up for the blessing and sacrament because I was Jewish. I always wondered if there is one God, why would he deprive me of a blessing because of my religion. In my teens, I contemplated being a born again Christian mainly because I loved the music and the people were wonderful. Once they began speaking about sin and the devil, I lost interest. Those words never resonated with me.

I was at a loss. My soul was craving God, yet I was unable to find him in any house of worship. I followed the holidays of my religion and thirsted to find God.

Once, I was carjacked along with the car. I was saved by angels. I am speaking about the invisible angels because there were no humans available to help since it was the middle of the night. That was the first time I recognized my own power. I literally became “super woman” for those few minutes and escaped from the perpetrators. This experience definitely boosted my confidence. However, I still had doubts about God’s existence. In addition, I was angry that this scenario even occurred. It was easy to blame God.

After soul searching for most of my life, I finally knew God did exist and he was like a Genie in the sky. I fell in love with God. I realized God is formless, existential energy. God is not a human like I always envisioned. God is intelligent way beyond our most brilliant humans. Moreover, we are all a part of God and so is everything that exists on our planet. All forms of nature, animals and inanimate objects contain God’s energy.

God, the Creator of the entire Universe, only exists through unconditional love, complete forgiveness and total acceptance of all his creatures. He teaches virtues through Saints in human forms. The only way people could understand and learn from the formless is to be taught by a form who looks similar to themselves. Jesus, Mohammed, Shiva, Krishna, Buddha and Moses are some Saints who we know very well. The Saint whose teachings we imbibe are taught through our religion. For instance, Christians worship Jesus and Muslims bow down to Mohammed. The teachings of every Saint on this planet is about unconditional love, complete forgiveness and total acceptance.

Humans misconstrued these valuable lessons in order to control the masses. People are petrified of the devil for example. The devil is an illusion created by society. Devils exist within ourselves. Fear, worries, anger, jealousy, lust and co-dependency are all traits that are contrary to the teachings of these holy people. Therefore, these emotions can be considered the Devil because they prohibit us from seeing our true nature. It is only when we release and reprogram the Devil lurking within us that we will be able to see we are all God at different vibrational frequencies.

I experienced things that were way beyond my logic so it gave me a new perspective on life. As a result, I explored my soul to uncover the answers and I found them. I persevered against all adversity. Once I knew there was truly a God for none of these things could have happened in my life without God and his divine helpers, I had complete faith. Even though I didn’t understand and many times wanted to control the situation, I was able to surrender. When I tried to control and devise every step of my dreams, it didn’t work. I was always met with obstacles and stress. When I released the intense desire to know all the details, I was so happy.

God tells me my dreams are all real and everybody’s dreams are real. So, I know millions and billions of people will be joining together to help bring our planet back to its Utopian beginnings. I no longer know exactly how this is going to happen. I just know it does. I see the big picture and it is magnificent with all truly created equal. In addition, all necessities will be taken care of and there will be money for all to enjoy life. Moreover, love will be the predominant force for all of life on planet earth.

Seeing is believing was my motto in the past. However, my new motto is when you believe, you see! I rode the rapids and was thrown off the boat many times. On some occasions, I believed I would drown. Amazingly the boat always found me and saved me! Finally, I made it to the land of happiness. If I waited for everything I experienced to be proven, I would be floating on the ripples for fear of facing the rapids. The ripples would eventually take me to land. However, only the rapids take people to the land of happiness. Have the faith and courage to climb aboard your boat and know even if you are thrown out, a bigger boat will be awaiting your entry.

I know if I didn’t feel these changes within my being, I would still be floating in the ripples. You could read this article or 1,000 articles on the same subject. You could speak to people about their journeys and find it fascinating. It will only hit home when you feel the bliss and miracles appear in your own life. I am a firm believer that people comprehend when it is related to their own lives. I hope you will have the courage and faith to ride the rapids to the land of happiness. Your higher consciousness will guide you through the storm. Hold on tight, listen and enjoy the adventure. Faith is the key.

Faith means trust in God. God loves his children and wants his children home right now. God gave us freedom to make our own choices. This is really the greatest gift a parent could give to his/her child. God gave us freedom to explore and learn. At the same time, God gave us pure, existential energy within our own body to help us 24/7. When we have love, forgiveness and acceptance in our hearts, those rapids turn into one huge wave that brings us instantly to the land of happiness where we finally meet the God that exists inside and the God that exists outside. Fall in love with God and go with the flow. The land of happiness is one
wave away!

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