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Today, I’m going to write an Audience Press Review, providing all the nitty-gritty details about a versatile plugin intended to serve multi-purposes. The creators of the plugin assert that this mechanism can cloak and track affiliate links, retarget visitors, and provide substantial analytics to show what campaigns are working and which ones are better off shelved.

Think of this plugin as the ‘triathlon tool,’ hitting at least 3 areas, where users can better understand the traffic that they’re receiving, gain invaluable clues on how to improve the results of existing traffic, and then put the wheels in motion to vastly expand it. By gaining optimal traffic, Audience Press users can maximize conversions.

Read my Audience Press review to find out how this plugin can help you become a traffic expert

Cloaking Affiliate Links – An Important Practice

There are still too many affiliates who do not cloak their unique links. Many links are therefore too long and do not indicate the offers they’re linking to. Such links don’t encourage visitor clicks, and are more readily susceptible to online pirating.

Using a link shortener, such as, is also not advisable as they can adversely affect click-through-rates, too.

Audience Press enables you to easily cloak links using your own wordpress site or any domain you wish. You can either redirect links to a destination page using a 307 command (temporary) or a 301 command (permanent). Only use a temporary command if you think the target or destination URL will change. This tool also enables you to “no follow” the target URL to prevent Google from giving it additional link juice.

As an added plus, you can add a viral bar to the destination page (on the top or bottom of the page) to enhance visitor call to action. It’s a great way to galvanize attention and induce prospects to buy.

Simultaneously, you can improve optimization (which concomitantly will increase traffic) by inserting your own meta tags information (meta title and description). You can even add a meta image – perfect for inclusion on social media sites.

Tracking, Retargeting, and Redirecting – Making the Most of Your Opportunties

Imagine that you’ve just been married, and you’re now front and center at the reception. You receive numerous gifts and you have every intention of thanking your guests at a later juncture. However, no one has signed their cards, and you’re not even sure who gave you a gift. You simply cannot match the gift and gift giver, making it impossible to carry out your expression of gratitude.

Similarly, when we don’t really know where our traffic is generated, and we can only venture a guess as to the likely originating source of clicks, we’re impeding our marketing efforts.

Press on to see how this plugin addresses this issue.

Audience Press has an option where you can turn on tracking. (They have a host of on/off switches so the tool is very user-friendly.)

You’ll soon be able to tag your visitors using pixel codes and remarket to them using the following platforms: Facebook, Google Ads, Adroll, Perfect Audience, and Retargeter. (As you can see, this represents the major retargeting venues.)

This type of tracking is independent of I-frames and other problematic tech code so your remarketing code cannot be blocked. Indeed, those who clicked your affiliate link can see your ad later when they visit Facebook, for example, presenting another opportunity to generate a sale.

To ensure seamless, problem-free operation, you’ll receive alerts if your primary destination URL goes down for any stretch of time. Alerts go out to you if down time surpasses 10 minutes.

The plugin can also detect if your affiliate link is not working. In that scenario, it can automatically shift traffic to a secondary URL of your choosing.

You may also exercise the option of changing the target URL, dependent on where the visitor is from. This is ideal particularly in the case of CPA offers that sometimes are geared toward specific countries. Such redirections can also be date-dependent, and you can indicate when you want a destination URL to change – a convenient option when you’re dealing with time-sensitive promotions.

Audience Press plugin creators have even thought of the solo ad marketer. They have implemented a click count where the visitor is only able to go to a target URL before reaching a click threshold.

Here, you can discern that traffic is treated like an invaluable resource which should not be wasted.

And you’ll know exactly where the traffic is coming from. This tool, dependent on platform, enables you to include sub id tracking if the platform supports pixel codes or post back URLs. For example, you can track a Clickbank or JVZoo promotion (which incorporates the parameter, tid), by posting the code snippet into your dashboard.

Tracking is an easy, intuitive procedure but if you don’t feel comfortable handling any types of codes, never fear, there is a lot of training available. Ticket support should be available as well.

Reporting – Taking a Closer Look at Your Sales

Thorugh the training, you’ll also learn how to take your existing sales via an import/upload text or CSV file, and be able to analyze the data. The reporting capabilities are extensive.

Once you have the information in a central location, you can dig deep and find a lot of eye-opening, useful data: Referring URL, the visitor’s country, city, IP address, and more will be featured.

Obviously, the most important info you’ll extract will be discovering where visitors found your campaign. You’ll be able to discern trends and build up properties where the lion’s share of traffic is generated from.

Audience Press Housekeeping

When it goes on sale, June 17, 2016, the price for the plugin for a single site will be $27; the cost to use for unlimited sites will be $37. As explained above, users will receive a thorough training on how to upload and use the plugin to its maximum advantage.

OTO 1 ($47) – You’ll be privy to case studies where you can see how Gobala Krishnan and team were able to generate a sizable profit stream using this tool. You’ll also gain insight on how to gain a competitive advantage using 20 different traffic sources.

OTO 2 ($67) – Only get this if you’re a developer and want to install this plugin on an unlimited number of your client sites.

OTO 3 ($197) – You can take ownership of Audience Press, selling it on your end and making full commission if you do. These white label rights come with all the relevant sales pages.

Final Word on Audience Press

While you may have other plugins or methods to cloak and track links, I think the power of Audience Press lies primarily in its retargeting capabilities. Prospective customers may need to look at your offer multiple times before hitting the ‘buy button.’ This mechanism enables you to get your offer in front of their eyes again.

I also believe that its redirecting options are very affiliate-friendly, and you may use them to best suit your individual campaigns. Split test destination URLs, too, so that you can determine which is giving you the best bang for your buck.

Although you can track campaigns using other means, this tool makes incorporating sub ids so easy and convenient. But if you don’t avail yourself to the analytics reports than tracking will be meaningless.

All in all, this plugin is built around a judicious use of traffic, and helps you acquire more of it.

While newbie-friendly and useful, this tool is especially helpful for those who have multiple sites, running campaigns across the board.

Audience Press will leave you with a positive impression, and the more action you take, the greater the value you’ll derive from this plugin.

However, this is not a game-changing SEO optimization tool so leave your hands off the ‘buy button’ if that is the reason you’re purchasing it. Again, its strength lies in traffic utilization, tracking, and analytics … which will provide you with more than enough firepower to start getting those commissions going.

After reading this Audience Press review, you now possess the knowledge you need to decide whether you wish to become a customer, taking advantage of a tool that can more readily help monetize your campaigns.

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