As the owner of a product review site, I was intrigued with Bryan Biernat’s new product, SociReview. I knew that Bryan’s course dealt with using the power of video, exponentially magnified by social media traffic.

But having gone through the training, I see that he also expounds on building an actual review site and gaining even more exposure through list building.

As a graduate of the SociReview class, I’m now in a perfect position to provide information on its particulars, including its pros and cons. Get ready for the most thorough SociReview review online by someone who has been in the trenches.

Video as an Underdeveloped Resource

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Videos can be imaginative, captivating, informative, and yes, profit-pulling. But too many marketers, including myself, don’t churn out enough videos. Others put no thought behind the videos they create (I’m not in that category) so traffic and conversions are underwhelming. These marketers then become less enthusiastic about creating videos, and perhaps look for other bright shiny objects or methods to generate elusive commission.

By following Bryan Biernat’s formula, successful video marketing will readily be attainable. Those who are not averse in getting in front of the camera, for example, would be well advised to note the slow, methodical, and clear way in which Bryan enlightens his audience, and the strategies he uses to get people to take action (e.g.., reminding folks that they’ll be entitled to his bonuses should they purchase from his link).

While Bryan does not go into detail about how he creates each video, he provides the tools he uses, such as the video editing software, screen capture software, and type of microphone. These tools can be effective because the quality of his videos would have to be deemed, professional.

You can see that Bryan favors ‘talking head’ videos as the training is provided in this manner. In fact, the course encompasses 11 videos so you’ll be privy to a style that you can emulate. Moreover, you can visit Bryan’s Youtube channel to gain a closer look what video reviews should encompass. (Please note that you don’t have to appear in videos for you to successfully implement SociReview strategies.)

Two Videos Are Better Than One

The vast majority of affiliate marketers who are even inclined to produce a video for a given product, only create a review video.

Bryan Biernat embraces the concept that a presell video is an essential element to attaining video marketing success. Indeed, introducing a product and warming up the audience about its features and benefits can help build your brand and galvanize your viewers’ interest.

SociReview includes mention of what to include in a presell video. (Of course, never refer to it by this name as you want to be seen as a bearer of information, not as someone who is simply hawking a product.)

To maximize the chances of a sale, Bryan also assesses what to include in a review video. He leaves nothing to the imagination and demonstrates what is working for him. All components are dissected, such as where to even acquire bonuses.

It appears as though Bryan can create a presell and review video in a relatively short amount of time. While it will take the average newbie longer, it should not be an exhaustive endeavor – one that will be worth any time and expense as commission starts to ramp up.

SociReview Review – Put the ‘Soci’ Back in Social Platforms

Your assets are building. You now have presell and review videos ready to go viral. But just how are you going to build traffic for folks to see what you’ve created? The answer: Consistent use of social platforms.

But before just posting videos on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, Bryan underscores the importance of embedding the videos on your own site.

In fact, this is his modus operandi. He builds a site (he shows you the important site facets to employ in the course). Subsequently, he writes content and fortifies his presell and review posts with his videos.

So while you don’t need a website to become a skilled ‘SociReviewer,’ your income can potentially explode if you frame these videos on your own burgeoning site.

You can then automate the process of sharing these video-containing pages or posts using a number of plugins which Bryan reviews in the training. (Inside scoop: Don’t underestimate the traffic-building prowess of PInterest.)

In a nutshell, you’re going to be building additional social platform assets. For example, you’re going to create your own Facebook page that reflects the material you’re highlighting on your site. With one quick click, you’ll then take your web site post and share it with your Facebook followers.

Now how to build traffic to these social platforms is beyond the scope of the course. However, SociReview shows you how to solidly construct the infrastructure of a successful affiliate marketing business.

A Closer Look Into SociReview

As mentioned previously, there are 11 videos to watch. The entire training should only take a few hours to go through. As an added bonus, Bryan provides a very well-thought out summary of the videos underneath them. I suggest reading the summaries first and then watch the videos.

The modules are easy-to-navigate and the information conveyed is straight-forward and clear. While the training centers on featuring affiliate products, perfect for launch hijacking, the principles should work regardless of the type of offer.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to find ideal products to showcase
  • The importance of building relationships, especially with the product creator
  • How to design and create attention-grabbing presell and review videos and pages (or posts)
  • Strategies in acquiring social media traffic
  • List-building techniques (assuming you opt to create a website)
  • How to become an effective email marketer (know what to highlight and when to send email messages to subscribers)
  • How to outsource video creation and/or get a professional voiceover
  • How to ramp up commission by rinsing and repeating

Are There Any OTO’s?

Yes, SociReview offers 2 OTO’s, as follows:

OTO1 ($37)

Case Study/Complimentary Site – It’s very difficult to resist case studies because they’re usually so instructive. Here, Bryan shows you how to implement all the SociReview steps so that you’ll have no uncertainty as to how to apply all relevant methods.

In addition, Bryan will provide you with a WordPress installation, highly converting theme, necessary plugins, and essential pages. This will save a lot of time if/when you construct your SociReview site.

OTO2 ($47)

Here, you can become a SociReview reseller and now have your own quality product. This can serve as another stream of revenue for you.

SociReview Final Determination

This course is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of beginning to intermediate affiliate marketers. Veteran or advanced marketers should already be acquainted with many of the topics covered.

Bryan provides a systematic recipe to acquire affiliate commission. If you’re struggling or not consistently making commission, he provides the actionable steps to take to turn your fortunes around.

There is a promising synergy between creating presell and review videos and pages/posts, using a variety of social platforms, and building a list of willing and eager to buy subscribers.

The only negatives is what the course does not cover. Again, SociReview does not go over how to gain traffic to the social platforms themselves. Moreover, it does not show you how to rank videos. However, there is much free information online to fill in the missing pieces.

Overall, SociReview is a newbie-friendly, insightful course from someone who is not just writing about how to make money … but actually making money from the same strategies he outlines.

Bryan is an excellent instructor as well, and thoughtfully conveys important information. Moreover, he seems very responsive to questions, and I’m confident that he will provide exemplary support.

At the time of this writing, SociReview is only $6.95 – a bargain for folks who can envision building review sites and videos, simultaneously harnessing the traffic-generating capabilities of social platforms. Here, the equation is simple: Video reviews + social platforms = Potentially explosive profit.

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