The Addicted Brain – How Addictions Form and Ways to Release Them

Addictions are uncontrollable urges. We know these obsessions are deleterious, however we are unable to stop. In fact, we crave it continuously because we are unable to reach the first ecstasy we encountered.

Woman with multiple addictions

I spoke about pharmaceuticals and their addictive characteristics. Now, I will discuss illegal drugs. Children are extremely impressionable. When their subconscious is transmitting beliefs of not being good enough to fit into society, they search for a way to mask their pain and torment. Pharmaceuticals help them blend into the world. For instance, once they take Ritalin or Adderall, their focus improves and their body remains calm so they are no longer outcasts in the classroom. However, when the dosage wears off, their behaviors are worse than before. Usually, the dosage is recommended during the school day and not in the evening or on weekends. As a result, children are literally flipping out at home and their parents are exasperated. Severe punishments are ensued or more medication is given to counteract these out of control behaviors.

Since the body eventually recognizes the stimulant as artificial, the body becomes immune and will no longer illicit the same healing benefits. Medicines are frequently changed and additional meds are added to the daily diet. Children believe drugs are the only way to lessen their pain.

As adolescents they are ready to experiment with illegal drugs hoping to achieve a state of bliss. Peers play a crucial role in their lives and most of their friends are taking some form of mind altering substances. Every illegal drug is available at parties, in locker rooms or virtually anywhere they want to get it. All they have to do is ask a peer and it’s readily available.

Marijuana comes from nature. Cannabis is actually a medicine. However, marijuana given to society is laced with additives that causes intense cravings. Usually marijuana is given for free because the Drug Lords know once the person starts taking this drug and becomes hooked, he/she will do anything to get more. Marijuana is a gateway drug to more drugs each more lethal than the prior. Some people take drug cocktails which is a combination of several drugs. Also, kids are even selling legal drugs that are not individually prescribed. In other words, they are taking prescription drugs out of their medicine cabinets at home and selling them to anybody who wants to purchase them.

They are killing the organs in their body. The drugs cause psychological imbalances and our youth are committing vicious crimes due to these mind altering chemicals. Some are committing thefts, rapes and murders to maintain their fix. Others just live in a fog not being able to communicate or even comprehend conversations. They are harming themselves and people around them.

The corrupt has developed another way to destroy humanity and once again generate tremendous sums of money. The corrupt don’t take the drugs they disperse because they know they are lethal. Instead, they trick society. People are committing suicide and joining gangs. If they are strong enough to avoid these two options, they are still killing themselves internally.

Now, marijuana is legal for those who are sick. If people have a terminal disease, they are told this drug will give them peace. So, now the corrupt have a totally new market. They are taking advantage of people in severe agony who would never dream of doing anything illegal. The corrupt made it easy for them. They know these people are searching for a way to alleviate their pain and have some semblance of reprieve and normalcy in their lives. Legal marijuana is the perfect answer. They are already on many pharmaceuticals so let’s add marijuana to the list. It is heartbreaking. In addition, others are taking legal marijuana who would have never considered it previously. Our world is addicted to drugs. People addicted to drugs are unable to have clarity and make good decisions because their neurological pathways are deteriorating every minute of every day.

Now, do you understand how the 1% corrupt controls 99% of society? The corrupt have their clarity and it is based on putting people in fear, dependency and greed. Addictions cause people to want more, more and more!

There are many more addictions. Alcohol, cigarettes, food and sex also generate trillions of dollars for the corrupt. Additives are contained in most foods and drinks. Nicotine is extremely addictive. The pornography industry sends subliminal messages of addiction as well. Worry, anxiety and stress causes us to develop unhealthy habits. Once addicted, it is very difficult to release.

If you have an addiction, there are ways to heal. First, you must want to release the addiction with intensity. That is a major first step. Second, you need to reprogram the belief in the subconscious that created the addictive pattern. Third, you need to connect with your inner child and ask for permission to release the belief. This was explained in detail in the inner child article. Fourth, you need to ask the divine to take it from you and transmute it into cells of purity and light. Fifth, have deep gratitude for yourself for having the courage to do this. You are a hero! Also, have deep gratitude to the divine for assisting you. The divine does half the work and you do the other half. Teamwork is essential. Sixth, celebrate every time you had the urge and used the mantra “I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself completely” over and over repetitively until that craving disappeared.

A trauma may immediately shift the person’s psyche and heal the addiction as well. In my case, I was addicted to dating sites and obsessed about meeting the man of my dreams 24/7. My dog gave up his life to cure me of this addiction and I will never forget the selfless act of unconditional love for me from my angel Champ. He really is a Champion! He choked on the computer keyboard letters while I was away for the day. I found him when I came home. It was the worst experience ever. It was even worse then the death of my parents. Champ hated the computer because I was constantly on it looking for my soul mate. I would be crying often because I fell in love with people I never met physically yet they fulfilled the criteria I searched for in my ideal man. It happened 3 times and two turned out to be scams. I was devastated. I prayed to God to help me release this addiction. I knew it was unhealthy. However, I wasn’t able to stop. Champ’s death shocked my system and I stopped the addiction immediately. You don’t need any more traumas in your life. I suggest using the six steps I mentioned.

I am removing the word Lord from the Drug Lords title. Even though we are all divine, one has to earn the title of Lord. To me, Lord refers to a holy person whose number one mission is to help humanity. The intent of the corrupt is the complete opposite. Containment will enable the corrupt to learn from their mistakes and when ready reenter society as integral members full of love, peace and compassion.

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