Individualism and Nonconformity – Condemned for Being Different?

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Carl Jung was known as the father of psychology. He wrote a book titled “The Red Book.” Relatives found the manuscript and published it after Jung died. The reason Jung didn’t publish his greatest work himself is because he believed people would think he was insane and have him committed to a mental institution. This statement was included in a New York Times Article review of “The Red Book.”

Jung delved into his subconscious and he wrote about his findings in “real time.” His findings were way beyond what the logical mind could comprehend. When society is unable to use logic, they automatically revert to a label of insanity. Jung was smart to keep this autobiography hidden.

Dare to be different, dare to be you

While I do not proclaim to be the mother of psychology, I too delved into my subconscious and wrote about the findings in “real time.” I could tell you from my own experience, Jung was correct in believing society would pounce upon a person whose beliefs are contrary to the population’s thoughts.

Twice in the last 4 years, people have wanted me to commit myself and get a psychiatric evaluation. The second time was from a relative who has known me my entire life. I know these people would have had me committed if the law permitted it. So, if your own family is willing to condemn, of course others would like to remove me from society as well. The incredible fact is when people speak to me, read the words I write or are in my physical presence, they know I am extremely sane and very intelligent. The truth speaks for itself and never needs to be proven.

So, I wonder how many people who have been classified as bipolar, schizophrenic and other mental illnesses are actually insane. Is it possible many of these people were on the verge of unleashing the truth of the Universe and society told them they were insane? Is it possible the medications they were coerced to take created neurological disturbances confirming the belief they are insane? Is it possible society has been completely brainwashed so these unpopular people are unable to reveal their true talents? It is the people who have been scrutinized and ostracized from society that truly know how to make magnificent changes on our planet.

I laugh because a friend of mine told many people that I was bipolar and off my medications. Anybody who truly knows me will tell you I don’t even take an aspirin. To me, that was the funniest story I ever heard. However, gossip is lethal and usually is a fabricated story. I was strong enough to deflect this accusation easily. At the same time, I wondered how many people have been bullied and judged who didn’t know how to deflect this mass execution. I call it a mass execution because once gossip starts it travels quickly throughout society. It literally goes viral whether through a school, a community, a state or around the world. With the internet, it is so easy to gossip across the planet.

Many of these people feel like misfits and pray to be released from their agony. Many commit suicide. Teenage suicide is at an all time high. Bullying and gossip is hellatious, demoralizing and leaves people with a sense of despair and hopelessness. Suicide seems like the answer. However, if you die before your contractual agreement is up as discussed in the karma article, your soul exists without a vessel in the lower dimensions. An extraordinary teacher explained it and I will never forget his words. He said when a person commits suicide, it is like having a plate of food in front of you without hands to eat and just out of reach of your mouth. He said a person will be in this state until the time of his contractual death. At that point, he will be born in a new body and still have to deal with the bullying, ostracism and gossip in his/her new life because the karma was not fulfilled. This is torturous!

So, there is literally no way out. I could tell you prior to delving into my subconscious, there were many times I wanted to leave this planet. Now, I could honestly tell you I live in a state of bliss. Wherever I am, whomever I am with and whatever I am doing doesn’t matter because I have achieved total inner peace similar to Jung.

The journey was definitely difficult. However, it boils down to loving ourselves and forgiving ourselves. I realized I brought every circumstance into my life to break free of it. I even brought ostracism into my life on purpose. I needed to feel that crucifixion within every cell of my body because I knew the majority of society is suffering immensely harboring similar beliefs. How could a person truly help others without experiencing it firsthand.

Once I delved into my subconscious and saw the results when I reprogrammed a belief, I was able to reprogram any belief. There were two beliefs that I was unable to release. One I chose not to release at the time. However, the second one I had to release. It was the fear of ostracism, betrayal, aloneness and loss of family which I consider one category because I thought it was fear of name and fame and it went so much deeper.

Even though I was able to release the feeling whenever an experience occurred, there were many times I was shocked and chose to live with it for a few days. The amazing epiphany is whenever I chose to be happy, I was successful even during these times. I amazed myself.

The last time this occurred with my family. Even though I brought the experience into my life, people had to participate for it to actually happen. I believed there was no way in the world my family would desert me if I really needed them. However, I was wrong and my biggest fear of loss of family actually came to fruition. I simply couldn’t believe it. It would not compute in my mind. I figured they would come to my rescue soon. However, they never did.

So, I lived all my fears and I am fine. Actually, I am more than fine because I have total freedom and liberation. Also, I know I have a huge family waiting to embrace me. They are my Galactic family. They are waiting to embrace all of you too.

My family gave me this freedom. If they didn’t ostracize me, I would have believed humans do offer unconditional love and then my findings would be null and void. However, they showed me humans base love on conditions. If you fit into society, then I will love you. If you make me proud of your accomplishments, then I will love you. If you are there in physical form whenever I choose to see you, then I will love you. How did they rationalize this in their minds? They believed I died and they didn’t recognize this new person who took her place. It is the same soul and body, yet the beliefs are so different.

This is what I learned and I always share everything I learn in order to help others. Humanity forgot about unconditional love. As a result, people feel all alone in this world. The truth is we are never alone. We are guided by our higher consciousness. We are also guided through songs, poems, signs, nature, animals and so much more. We must accept everybody as a divine being. We must realize we are all magnificent souls who have been brainwashed from generation to generation.

I have finally released all negative mental patterns and it took me 4 years to release the one limiting belief I spoke about earlier. It is the one belief that uncovered a few beliefs of betrayal, aloneness, abandonment and loss of family. They are all related. As a result, I am a totally pure conduit for divine energy to flow through. Masters from every religion use my body to help humanity because I have invited any being of pure, unconditional love, compassion and peace to come through me. Will people judge and say this is ego talking? I would say this time people will realize there is not one ounce of ego in this article or any article or book I have written. I reveal all and always speak the truth.

Every day I wake up praying people will finally join together and make something viral so we could all begin our new lives. We are all one. Therefore, it is essential we work in unity to create our biggest dreams. Mother Theresa’s famous quote is “ I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” I say together we can create a tsunami of love. Ripples will no longer benefit our planet. Together we can move mountains. Alone, we can move a heavy rock.

So, I wake up and wonder. Will today be the day our planet wakes up and we witness miracles beyond our biggest dreams for every being in this world? Yes, there is really prosperity coming for all. Yes all our necessities will be taken care of. Yes there will be jobs for all. Yes we will go back to being innocent, innovative, creative and free. Yes! Yes! Yes! If you could dream it, it will happen as long as your thoughts are of love, peace and compassion. Yes these words are contrary to most people’s current belief system. Yes it is the truth. When will this happen? When people join together as one. It literally could be today.

You were meant to read this article. There are no coincidences. Words are useless unless action is taken. So, I ask you one question. Are you ready to take action? Ask your heart this question and allow your mind to go on vacation. I pray the answer is yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!

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