Human Trafficking and Pornography – Epidemics That Must be Eradicated

Stop slavery. Word cloud illustration in shape of hand print showing protest.

Cravings of the human flesh has allowed the corrupt to capitalize on the pornographic industry, as well as human trafficking. Young children and women are sold into sexual slavery. Believe it or not, it begins as early as the toddler years.

Stop human slavery

Throughout history, women and children have been used to satisfy the lascivious desires of the males who dominate them. Parents have actually sold their own children for money. It continues in the present times. People have become possessions instead of the divine beings each one of us is.

Pedophilia is rampant and young boys are being sexually abused as well. Children pornography is at an all time high. The internet is an easy vehicle for downloading anything we fancy and this topic excites many humans. Pornography and sexual lust is an addiction. Initially sex gives us a state of euphoria. Then we are hooked searching for new partners, pornographic material, orgies, prostitutes and finally controlling another human through radical and masochistic actions.

Toddlers and young children are being taught promiscuous acts. They grow up believing sex is the only way to survive. These people have babies and similar experiences await their unborn child. The cycle continues from generation to generation. Incest and sexual enslavement has occurred throughout history. The corrupt families are also born into this disgusting treatment of humans.

We all live many lives on this planet and play many roles. In many past lives, we were the abusers and in other lives we played the victims. So, anything we abhor happening in the world is also something we hate within ourselves. Whether we were the abusers or the victims, these patterns are embedded in our subconscious. They come to the surface very quickly and so we are contributing to the sickness of society.

Much of our population has been molested or raped in this lifetime. This creates a feeling of hopelessness, unworthiness and rage. When this occurs, the feminine energy that exists within every one of us immediately goes into enslavement mode. We feel powerless against our abusers and consistently bring more abusers into our path. Our loving, nurturing abilities become repressed and rage, revenge, hostility, greed and jealousy become the dominating forces. Some of us show these behaviors outwardly through physical or emotional abuse, yelling, plotting and gossiping. Others suppress these impure thoughts inwardly, yet they are not hidden. Thoughts can be just as lethal as actions. Thoughts go out to the Universe and come back to the person or people the thoughts are against as well as the person who generated the thoughts.

As a result, when someone rapes or enslaves another person through sex or any other means, that deed will come back to the person in some way. For instance, a pedophile will most likely be raped in prison. This becomes a vicious unending chain that must be stopped immediately.

The only way to stop this way of life is to be aware and react differently to the situation. Human trafficking is occurring all around the globe. It is real. We can no longer hide and pretend it doesn’t exist or not care because it isn’t affecting us personally. If affects each and every one of us. It enables the corrupt to remain strong and imprison the world. Each one of us is responsible in our own way. I watched many pornographic videos and also went to sex clubs. Inadvertently through my own actions I helped this sexual industry survive and thrive. If they don’t have people participating and purchasing sexual videos and paraphernalia, tickets to get into clubs, or humans, the business crashes to the ground. I was able to stop and I thank the divine for bringing this awareness into my being. I implore you to evaluate your own life and change any practices that are contributing to this repulsive crime against humanity. It’s also important to get rid of any sexual addictions, if applicable.

When the corrupt are in containment, they will be in their own society. Each one of them will have similar characteristics of aggression, control, manipulation and coercion. In addition, they will exhibit lewd and inhumane habits. They have created their own survival of the fittest amongst themselves. They will learn harsh lessons and hopefully unmask their own divinity. Even though these acts are difficult to digest, we are all God’s children. We must have love and forgiveness in our hearts for all of God’s creations.

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