Empowerment – Reclaim Your Freedom of Thought, Expression, and Action

Many people in our society feel enslaved, controlled and trapped. We go through our lives working hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We feel manipulated and forced to succumb to society’s demands. We have lost ourselves.

The many facades of empowerment

We vaguely remember who we once were. We were people who had courage to speak the truth and express ourselves without concern about retaliation. We all supported each other and listened without judgment. We shared our resources. It was not due to obligation. Instead, our intentions were based on a purity of heart. It gave us joy to share and work together.

In the past, we had a balance of work, play, travel and adventure. There was no monotony. Every day brought surprises and excitement. We were innocent like children regardless of our age.

There is a way to create this once again. You are thinking I live in a fantasy world. However, I am here to tell you this is the new reality.

Is it possible to teleport and time travel? Most people would say no. It is science fiction. Guess what? The Bushes, Clinton and Obama teleported and time traveled. In fact, the Bushes knew they were going to be elected before it even happened. Andrew Basiago, a prominent lawyer and author of many books, speaks about teleporting and time traveling. Also, he was on Mars with the aforementioned people. Project Pegasus is fascinating and Andrew Basiago’s radio interview with George Noory can be found at this link:

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So, what does this tell the average citizen? The government has known about these powers for generation upon generation. They have kept these advancements hidden from the general population. Why? The simple answer is because they could. If the people were privy to this information, the population would understand the government and the corrupt 1% of our world are really powerful simply because they were taught by extraordinary teachers.

Who are these extraordinary teachers? They are our Galactic family who exist on planets all over the Universe. The corrupt have used these teachings as a form of control and war. When people are in fear and greed, they are unable to see the facts directly in front of them.

The corrupt made agreements with our Galactic family and then reneged on them. Since God gave everybody free will, our Galactic family has been unable to intervene. The corrupt has kept our society in a state of fear, anxiety, jealousy, revenge, greed and hostility. This negative energy literally feeds the corrupt and enables them to continue their heinous crimes against humanity.

A surge of love energy enveloped our planet on December 21, 2012. This was due to millions of people praying for peace on earth for many years. Last month, 40% of our population was awake. This means 40% of society are filling their hearts with love, peace and compassion. This month the number is between 45-50%. Once we reach the tipping point of 51%, our Galactic family will be able to help us. The corrupt 1% will be arrested at this juncture and put in containment. Trillions of dollars will be distributed equally among all citizens of the world.

The corrupt are in a panic and are trying to lower the percentage through their devious methods. When people are in a panic, they make crucial errors. The corrupt are in the process of exposing themselves.

The media is controlled by the corrupt so you will not see this information on network broadcast news. However, there are millions of social media sites offering this news. One has to be open minded and search the internet.

Love will melt the power of the corrupt because they don’t know how to handle love. They have been brainwashed to believe fear, brutality, greed and coercion is the way to rule the world. Love will unleash your individual powers. When individual powers join together with the sole purpose of bringing love to our planet, the masses will overpower the 1%. Of course this is logical from a mathematical perception. So, you tell me how 1% has controlled 99% throughout history? It sounds ludicrous when phrased this way, yet it has occurred.

We allowed it to happen. It is based on the concept of “learned helplessness.” For instance, elephants in the circus as babies are chained so they cannot move. When the chains are removed, the elephants believe they are still chained. We are those elephants. The chains have been removed and yet we are prisoners to society’s whims and demands. Let’s change the concept to “learned awakening.” Each one of us has the ability to take back our power. By joining together, we can go back to a land of freedom and liberation.

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